Breaking: Marisa Wood just launched her campaign to defeat GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy.

On the Issues

Fossil Fuel Pledge

I have proudly signed the pledge to not accept any donation of $200 or more from the Fossil Fuel Industry


As an educator for over 25 years, I know the foundational value of equitable education and the positive impacts on our Central Valley families and students. Education is the great equalizer. Regardless of where a student starts, their opportunities are limitless through education. I have been inspired by my students, who are the first in their family to go to college. I have been inspired by my students living with their whole family in a small trailer but still, show up with their homework done. Their academic success is a beacon of hope for us all.

In Congress, I will continue my job of educating but will focus on teaching politicians in Washington about the importance of investing in our students, from worker training programs and making college more affordable.

From leading Restorative Practices on campus to teaching high achieving students and English learners, my vision has been clear– students come first! Today’s students are our brightest hope for the future! We must prepare them to meet that future with intelligence, integrity, and compassion.


As a teacher for the past 21 years in the Fairfax school district, I have seen my students and their families struggle  accessing affordable quality healthcare. We must find a fiscally responsible plan that meets the diverse needs of our families who have limited access to the essential healthcare they and their families need. Parents should not have to choose between putting food on the table, going to the doctor, or taking their medication. We see today with the COVID-19 pandemic how the nation came together to solve one of our most pressing public health emergencies, and we can meet our health care needs when we put people, and their healthcare needs first.


As your elected Congress member, I will prioritize lifting my district from the high levels of poverty it has been plagued by since 2005. The combination of skyrocketing housing costs and inflation-adjusted wages that have benefited only the highest-paid workers are crippling the hard working people of my district. The majority of the families living in poverty have at least one member working full time. As your representative, I will push for a dignified living wage for all workers. Those folks working 40, 50, 60 hours a week should be able to provide a home, healthcare, and food for their families.

It is also crucial for us to create policies that will strengthen public support like tax credits, health insurance, daycare, and food assistance for struggling folks to meet their needs in the face of the rising cost of living. I will not turn my back on the needs of my constituents as they strive to better their lives in the communities that I see daily.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

I will adamantly defend a woman’s right to safe, accessible reproductive healthcare. Ultimately, decisions about whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child MUST be left to the patient, in consultation with their family, their Faith, or healthcare provider if they choose.It is essential that abortion remain a safe and legal medical procedure for a person to consider when and if they need it. This is a deeply personal decision that can not be made for someone else. Patients must have accurate medical information about their options and be supported in their decisions. Politicians should NOT be involved in the personal medical decisions of a pregnancy. The decision rests solely with the individual and not the politician.


Veterans honored this country with their service, and it is absolutely appalling that they have to fight for the services they earned, such as healthcare and education. Many of our brave veterans can suffer from addiction, mental health, homelessness, and some, unfortunately, take their own life. We can and must do better. I am committed to ensuring that access to services and healthcare is not another battle they face. You will not be alone. I will stand with you and use the power of my voice in Congress to affect meaningful change in Veteran’s services.


The number of homeless youth, veterans, and Americans has been on the rise in Kern County and the country at an alarming rate over the past four years. In California, The horrors of childhood trauma and poverty, mental illness and chronic drug abuse surely add to the likelihood that someone lives on the streets.  The primary cause of the crisis is that housing is too scarce and expensive. Homeless youth who have aged out of the Foster Care system account for approximately ⅓ of the homeless population. I will work to ensure that affordable housing is made available through the improvements made in communities via President Biden’s Infrastructure plan. Communities of support as well as the building of affordable housing and small homes must work together to provide the homeless with the tools they need to move off the streets and toward independence.  We MUST do better!


The Central Valley feeds the world! Water is pivotal to our economy and the thousands of agricultural working families that live here. Every drop of water is essential to growing the food we eat or quench our thirst. Water shortage issues extend beyond the drought in that with climate changes and the rampant devastating wildfires plaguing the state, we must build up and manage our water storage capabilities to meet the needs of individuals, farms, and businesses. A continued investment in water infrastructure to provide real solutions to the problems we see today are a must. I will work diligently to ensure a state-wide willingness to work together in order to equitably allocate water–the precious resource we ALL share.

Seniors/Social Security

Too many seniors have to skip doctors appointments, skip their medication, or even skip meals, and that is not okay with me! We made a promise to seniors that if they contributed to Social Security, they would have earned benefits that would help them when they need it most. As your Congress member, I will raise my voice to support seniors and their families in the time they should be enjoying their retirement. I will fight to increase support for seniors by providing more Medicare benefits and lowering prescription drug costs.