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As the granddaughter of an Italian immigrant who came to America via Ellis Island, we are lucky that America became our home. I am proud of my Italian heritage and America’s extraordinary mosaic of ethnicities that make it a rich melting pot of cultures and the great country it is today.  Here in the Central Valley, immigrant and migrant farmworkers are the lifeblood of the Ag Industry. My husband John has been farming for 35 years here and we know first hand how much growers depend on these hard working laborers to harvest the crops that feed us and the world!  We must pass the Farmworkers Modernization Act which would grant work permits, green cards, and a path to citizenship to those employed in agriculture. Consumers, growers, and laborers would benefit from a stable workforce.

We need to make sure we are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform; a reform that is fair and just. A focus on keeping Californians safe with secure borders is imperative.  My overall reform plan will include:

  • Enhanced Surveillance Technology: Increase technology and infrastructure for border surveillance.
  • Port Fortification: Fortify ports of entry and build capacity for asylum seekers.
  • Preventing Criminal Activity: Focus on prevention and capturing of potential criminal threats.
  • Maintain Visa Programs: Continue and strengthen existing visa programs in conjunction with the passing of the Farmworkers Modernization Act.

Path to Legal Status: Establish a pathway to legal status, including citizenship, for long-term undocumented residents.

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